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  • Boomarangs
    By Gary Wonning 2010 – One of the more unique and interesting tools found in the outback of Australia, boomerangs served a very useful purpose.
  • Central Australia
    By Miguel Scaccialupo – 2006 – Central Australia is located in the heart of the Australian continent, and is home of the most significant icons of Australian and Aboriginal culture including Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)…
  • Crocodiles
    By Kimberly Turner – 2008 – Australian Crocodiles are absolutely massive when full grown. When I was on a 3 day tour in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia,

  • Didgeridoos
    By Michael S Moriarty 2012 – Didgeridoos are one of the oldest musical instruments known to man.
  • Kangaroos
    By Emily Diaz 2014 – How Well Do You Know the Kangaroos?
  • Koalas
    By Janine Duffy – 2015 – In nature, everything is connected. But some of the affinities between koalas and other animals might surprise you!
  • Platypus
    By David J R 2009 s- Platypus – Facts About This Amazing Creature!
  • Sharks
    By Neville T Farr – 2012 – There has been another fatal shark attack in the South West of Western Australia on a beautiful sunny day when we all should be enjoying our beaches, ocean and water sports.
  • Snakes
    By Stephen Ayer 2012 – 4 Of the Most Interesting Snakes of Australia
  • Spiders
    By Daniel Hardie – 2013 – Wildlife is found absolutely everywhere here in Australia but the species that everyone around the world is talking about are those deadly wildlife species, spiders.