Amazing Crocodile Confrontations in Australia

By Kimberly Turner – 2008

Australian Crocodiles are absolutely massive when full grown. When I was on a 3 day tour in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia, I was just awestruck and dumbfounded when we came close up with the crocodile population.

My Story: We were to go out in 3-seater boats with small outboard motors on the waterways of Kakadu National Park with a tour-guide that could have been Steve Irwin’s twin brother in action! He was in the water pulling in the boats with the water up to chin, and I am thinking, “I know what I read…There have to be crocs in the water here!”

A group of about 15 tourists from all over the world were in our company, and once we were all aboard our boats, the 2 English guys in my boat nudged me to ask what we were doing out there…So, I did…

He answered me, “We’re Croc Spottin’!” I thought, okay, I know there has to be crocs out here, as I suspected earlier, but for the past 10 min, we hadn’t seen anything yet…So, I just repeated what he said as a question…”We’re Croc Spottin’? But we haven’t seen anything yet…”

He responded, “Well, don’t stand up, move quickly or shake your ponytail…There’s one beside your boat” calmly. So, my 2 English comrades and I moved our eyes from side to side to see what he was talking about…

Sure enough, an enormous crocodile emerged from the beneath the water a few seconds later…Bigger Than Our Boat!!! Longer and a little wider than our 3-seater boat. The belly was almost as big as our boat alone! Needless to say, we didn’t move an inch!

The entire day was filled with gigantic saltwater Australian Crocodiles close up!

What an experience that I will never forget…

by Kimberly Edwards

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