The Aboriginal Dream Time and the Great Flood Part Three

By Gary Wonning 2018

Part three of a three part series

Many times, when animals are under stress, or when they hibernate, they consume little or no food, and often recycle their own waste to survive, making feeding them less of an challenge.

When the ice meteor struck the earth it unleashed a deluge causing the ice caps to begin melting, and underground explosions that released hot gases and water from under the earth’s surface.

The water vapor canopy that once covered the earth began to dissipate and caused it to rain for forty days and nights as described in the bible

Ice, at three hundred degrees below zero is magnetic, thus the colder ice was drawn to the north pole.

If the earth was nearly flat like it was then, there is enough water in our oceans to cover the earth with twelve thousand feet of water, so more than enough water would have been available to cover the earth with several feet of water.

The bible says it was a one year flood after which time the waters began to recede as the land arose up around it.

The mountains ascended and the valleys descended from the rapid flow of water from the highlands to the lowlands.

The formation of the rivers and streams created erosion that carved out the terrain, including such features such as the Grand Canyon.

The landscape wasn’t formed in over millions of years, with the tremendous rush of water, it only took days or weeks. The heat released from the inner earth made the rock extremely hot and pliable, making it easy to bend and form into the various shapes of terrain seen today.

Almost all mountain ranges follow a coastline, or close to it, the mountains rising created valleys close by that resulted in the ocean waters rushing in.

Areas like the Grand Canyon were formed by erosion in a matter of days, not thousands of years like many think.

It all came about very quickly as evidenced by animals being found in places like Russia with fresh food found in their frozen stomachs. Sea shells are found in such places as Mount Everest and Sedona, thousands of feet above sea level. This all points to the validity of this theory. How else could the artifacts have gotten there?

Iron trinkets and animal remains have been found in coal and other ancient minerals.

After the flood subsided, God promised Noah that the world would never again be destroyed by flood. In today’s world, with the mountains and other environmental characteristics, this would be physically impossible.

After the flood man and animals began eating meat, vegetation was much less because the water vapor canopy was no longer present, man and animals no longer grew as large or lived as long as they did before the deluge.

Life had changed and humankind had evolved into a new species.

I have traversed the globe in search of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world’s finest intuitives. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained.

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