The Most Poisonous Spiders in Australia

By Daniel Hardie – 2013

Wildlife is found absolutely everywhere here in Australia but the species that everyone around the world is talking about are those deadly wildlife species, spiders.

In fact this country, Australia has 20 out of the top 25 most deadly snakes, large ocean predators, poisonous marine species, dangerous insects and even worse poisonous spiders.

So which spiders are the deadliest of all these poisonous species found in Australia?

In the number 1 spot we have the Sydney funnel web found along the east coast of Australia but predominantly around Sydney, Central Coast and the Illawarra areas.

These Sydney funnel webs are an extremely toxic species of spider and to make matters worse they are quite aggressive if they feel under threat. In some cases of attacks these Sydney funnel webs bite so hard and can even penetrate through boots and other types of shoes.

Treatment is required as soon as possible after being bitten by any funnel web species but especially so in the case of the Sydney funnel web, where the anti-venom can be administered. Before 1981 the bites from these poisonous spiders would most likely result in a fatality.

There are other types of funnel webs and each and every single member of this funnel family are quite venomous as well. The Northern and Southern Tree funnel web spiders would easily take out the second and third spot as Australia’s most poisonous spiders however encounters with these spiders are less likely.

Australia’s next poisonous spider is quite iconic for the country, if you were to look up images on an internet search of Australia and spiders, chances are the red back spider would appear.

The red back spiders are part of the black widow family and more interestingly is that the females are far larger and in turn even more poisonous than the males of the species.

The red back’s love taking over dark warm spaces, usually found in old car tyres as well as leaf litter and dark areas. In Australia we even have many cases reporting that red back spiders have found their way into ATM’s and cash machines where it is warm and dark.

Next in line as a top contender for Australia’s most poisonous species of spiders I’d have to say that the slightly smaller but no less deadly is known as the mouse spider.

The mouse spider is very similar to funnel webs however these guys dig their holes or burrows and create trapdoor to seal them in. They are said to burrow as deep as a mouse and is how they got their name.

Thankfully unlike the Sydney funnel web, the mouse spiders are far less aggressive and even less likely to actually inflict a bite. In saying that however being bitten can cause some serious pain and illness.

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