Do You Know the Majestic Australian Cockatoo

By Kaye Dennan 2010

Have you ever had any connection with these majestic parrots? The Australian sulphur crested cockatoo is such a beautiful looking bird. Not because of its brilliant colors like some of its cousins, but by the fact that it is predominately the one color all over and there is something about its stance, it is just so regal with the thrust of its head and that bright yellow crest standing up.

Huge flocks of these cockatoos fly around the eastern and northern tropical coasts of Australia, but are also found in other areas in smaller numbers. They are also a popular pet parrot in many countries. They are an absolutely amazing parrot to have as a pet. They are real cocky with their attitude and the more attention they get the better as far as they are concerned.

The White Cockatoo

The stunning white cockatoo, or sulphur-crested white cockatoo, looks like it has just stepped out of a bleach bath. The brilliance of its white feathers just takes your breath away. When this cockatoo is feeling very perky it pops its beautiful 4 inch yellow crest up in the air. It may do this when it is angry too, so do tell the difference! The stance will tell you what is going on. Usually when he is angry there will also be a fluttering of wings and/or squawking as well as the crest standing up and it also has a very wary look in its eye.

Although called a white cockatoo, this bird actually has yellow feathers on the underside of its wings and tail. When it spreads its tail and wings you can see them easily, but even in a stance position you may see a very pale shade of yellow showing through the white feathers.

The White Cockatoo as a Pet

The white cockatoo can be a very friendly bird and loves to talk. They will learn to ‘parrot’ noises, people laughing and they will have you running to answer the door bell when no-one is there! This bird can really be quite a character and has a very stroppy personality so it will like the owner’s attention on a constant basis.

The Australian cockatoo is a very intelligent parrot and one that gets bored very quickly so if you have it as a pet do ensure that you have lots of toys for it to play with. It also loves shredding things so soft tree branches would be a good way of giving it something to do. If it is not happy it will most definitely let you know by its actions.

Being an active bird it will prefer to live in a large cage and it will like to be able to get out and wander around at will. You will find it following you through the house. I have even read about a parrot owner who could not wear certain colors in front of her parrot because it squawked and carried on a treat. They certainly let their feelings be known. But all this is so much fun when you love your pet parrot. It is the type of behavior that makes your parrot so unique.

If you are looking for a parrot pet that will develop a personality to suit yours then the Australian cockatoo will fill the bill to perfection. Do your research and find out if they will suit your lifestyle.

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