Snakes of Australia

By Gregory L John 2010

Australia is filled with the different species of reptiles. 142 species of snakes are found here.110 species live on land, while 32 species live in the water. Some of these species are very dangerous. These are capable of killing humans and animals with their single bite. Australian snakes are regarded among most lethal and poisonous snakes of the world.

In Australia, you will find perilous snakes everywhere. So, you should be careful for them.

Most Poisonous Snakes in Australia

The Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus)
This is the most notorious and dangerous kind of the snakes. Having an average length of 2.5m, this specie of snakes is called as the killer. However, they can grow to 3m. The antivenom was developed in 1950. Before the antivenom, this snake was regarded as fetal and lethal killers of humans in Australia. Taipans are found in coastal areas or forests of Brisbane to Darwin. Usually, whole north and north east sides of Australia are filled with this snake.

The Fierce Snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus)
The Fierce Snake, which is also known as Inland Taipan, is a very venomous and poisonous snake. Inland Taipan can be found in many different colors. Mainly, body color depends on the season and habitat. This snake carries 110mg of venom in his each bite, which is enough to kill any human as well as any big animal. Mostly, West Queensland, north east of South Australia and north west of New South Wales are its favorite areas to live.

The Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus)
You can call it a brave snake. It will not leave its place, whether you place your foot on it or throw something on it. Its bite kills a human in minutes. This snake is like a viper. It is small in size. It is found camouflaged in the sand, leaf litter and gravel. This ability makes him very dangerous and unpredictable to find. This snake is found in black color, and it is seen active in the nights. This snake is found all over the Australia. In his each bite, it contains 40-100mg of highly toxic venom.

Vipers (Viperidae)
These snakes are different from other snakes, because they have the capability to make a decision for venom deployment in the prey. In simpler word, they know how much venom should be injected in their prey. They are also found in whole Australia.

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