Helen McKay, Author, Speaker, Storyteller.

In 1996, with co-author, Berice Dudley, Helen wrote the book ‘About Storytelling – a Practical Handbook’, now used as a recommended text in Universities and Teachers’ colleges. This book has helped many people in Australia, UK and New Zealand, to master the skills of storytelling (a 2nd edition was released, May 1998). A further book of riddles – Riotous Riddles, was published in 1998. ‘Links to Your Happiness’, a strategy for a happier life was published in 2007.

Since settling in Australia, Helen has been enthralled by the indigenous stories of Australia and began actively researching their origins. She believes the messages they carry are more relevant to today’s society than ever before. She and some Aboriginal friends became concerned that Aboriginal stories and language were becoming lost forever, as people assimilated into the community; so working with three Australian Aboriginal story custodians, Helen has managed to gather a range of authentic Aboriginal stories for the book ‘Gadi Mirrabooka’.

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Helen McKay